Research summary

Electronic transport in low-dimensional GaAs/AlGaAs systems

In my Ph.D. work I have developed a novel field effect transistor (FET), which is fabricated by Cleaved- Edge- Overgrowth (CEO) using molecular beam epitaxy. This CEO FET allowed me to study two-dimensional electrons that travel in, or close by, a semiconductor superlattice. Based on this design I also fabricated and studied ultra short channel vertical transistors with less than 50 nm gate lengths.

Download my Ph.D. thesis (pdf-file, 9.5 MB) diss_deutschmann2001.pdf

Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology and devices

In collaboration with my Diploma student M. Huber I have developed a new method for ultra-high resolution thermal oxidation on Silicon- On- Insulator materials (focused laser beam induced oxidation). Using this method we have successfully fabricated in- plane- gate transistors with channel widths in the 100 nm range

Neuromorphic Analog VLSI Motion Sensor Arrays

At Caltech in the group of Prof. Koch I have developed several new algorithms for visual motion detection. I have implemented these algorithms using standard CMOS processes as real- time sensors in pixel- parallel architecture, using analog VLSI technology

My Diploma thesis: Read summary, or download pdf-file (3.4 MB) thesis_deutschmann.pdf